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Artesian Bores

With water being such a vital commodity, Queensland Drilling Services (QDS), as a privately owned and operated business with over 50 employees, is dedicated to providing our clientele with quality services and advice. Our professional personnel with a wealth of experience in the drilling industry strives to achieve worlds best practice procedures in an effort to improve our services all whilst assisting in maintaining this precious resource. With 10 drilling rigs operating throughout Australia, QDS is one of the largest Water Well drilling companies in Queensland.

We also offer a down hole camera service, which is capable of inspecting bore holes to a depth of 200 metres to help determine problem areas in bores, such as holes or fractures in the casing or collapsed zones.

Our fully licensed supervisor is available for an obligation free site inspection and quote. All drill rigs are operated by fully licensed drillers and all work is guaranteed.

Queensland Drilling Services has both rotary rigs and cable tools rigs and specialise in:

  • Artesian Bores to 1500 metres
  • Domestic Bores to 1500 metres (150mm Steel Casing)
  • Stock Bores to 1500 metres (150mm Steel Casing)
  • Irrigation Bores to 250 metres (300mm Steel Casing, PVC or Fibreglass Casing)
  • River Spear Installation
  • Sand and Gravel Holes (60cm diameter)
  • Rock Drilling (50cm Diameter)
  • Exploration Drilling for the Mining Sector

Queensland Drilling Services have recently ventured into the Coal Bed Methane Gas field, undertaking a series of varied drilling programs. These include the drilling and casing of production and vertical Frac wells. We presently hold contracts with Arrow Energy and their JV partners to drill a series of production wells, throughout the Central Coalfields. Having recently completed a series of Frac wells for Arrow Energy, our attention to detail, ability to deliver a quality product on time and within budget, along with the professionalism displayed, has seen us rewarded with further contracts, and expressions of interest from a number of producers of clean energy.

QDS  Rig 9 , a Schramm T660 Rotadrill , along with QDS Rig 10, A Schramm TX130D Rotadrill provide the complete package for all vertical drilling needs within the CBM field. Our highly trained and dedicated crews ensure that a quality product is delivered, ensuring that current best practices are employed and all Occupational Health and Safety initiatives are exercised and embraced.

  • Coal Bed Methane Gas Conductor and surface hole drilling
  • Coal Bed Methane gas vertical Frac Wells
  • Coal Bed Methane vertical production holes


Artesian Bores
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